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Our aim is to provide practice opportunities on vegetational and zoological production and improvements, product assessment, and implementation of research subjects to our students and instructors and to serve educational purposes in the region to breeders and farmers that our university belongs with its all institutions, faculties, colleges and vocational colleges connected.

Administrative center’s operation fields are these:

a)       To perform vegetational and zoological production with the units that are present or will be established

b)      To analyze environmental conditions in which vegetational and zoological productions are made

c)       To make research and improvements about the suitable vegetational and zoological productions according to the regional conditions.

d)      To make research and development to increase total production according to developmental planning aims and principles

e)      To make assessments on the products that come from the center and to create genuine brands and market.

f)        To provide service and physical environment for the future research projects that come from other units of the university.

g)       To provide location and service for the predicted implementation, practice and internship with the approval of the head of the unit in associate-degree, undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

h)      To transfer research results to production line and share with state and private institutions.

i)        To guide regional breeders and farmers with models to be improved and implemented.

j)        To plan conferences, seminars, and courses for breeders and farmers in the region.

k)       To plan joint projects about research and production subjects and plan education programs with domestic and abroad universities, institutions, agencies, state institutions within the frame of bilateral cooperation.

Having been chosen by Ministry of development as pilot university among 5 universities, within the scope of ‘regional development oriented mission differentiation and specialization’, our responsibilities and duties have increased in the field of ‘ Animal Husbandry and Improving Industry based on Animal Husbandry’.

In this context, these are some projects run by our university and farm;

·         Reproduction, growth and morphological features of Honamli goat breed were recorded and recorded for the first time within the scope of the project titled  Determination of Different Characteristics of Honamli Goat Breed  which was conducted by Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Animal Science  Professor Doctor Özkan ELMAZ and supported by TÜBİTAK (Project No: 109R020) (2010-2011).

·         Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Animal Nutrition and Nutritional Diseases, Rose (Rosa damescana) Extract By-product Silage Effect of Lambs on Fattening Performance, Carcass Properties, Some Blood Parameters and Meat Quality Certificate Supported by BAP run by Assistant Professor Kadir Emre BUĞDAYCI.

·         Milk Technologies Research Center ’guided project supported by BAKA, run by Assistant Professor İlhan GÜN from Project Coordinator Burdur Vocational School Food Processing Department.

·         The Effect of By-Pass Addition on Fattening Performance and Rumen and Blood Parameters to Male Lamb Rations supervised by the Department of Animal Nutrition and Nutritional Diseases, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine run by Assistant Professor Hıdır GÜMÜŞ.

·         Investigation of the effect of preterm labor prenatal maternal magnesium sulfate treatment on different regions of the brain in the prevention of endotoxin-induced fetal brain injury in pregnant women in which Afşin KÖKER participated as assistant researcher Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Lecturer. Supported by TÜBİTAK and run by Prof Dr. Mekin Sezik Project No. 116S413.

·         Egg Yields in Air-conditioned Hatchery Conditions of Helix aspersa (Müller, 1774), The Most Preferred Type in ‘Snail Breeding urta by Assistant Professor Mustafa Emre GÜRLEK Project management is provided by Burdur Vocational School of Health Services.


Some other projects that will be carried by our university are:

Ø  To improve output in cattle

Ø  To create early diagnosis system on animal diseases

Ø  To have animal diseases under control and eliminate

Ø  To improve cattle genetically and production of cattle embryo

Ø  To improve ovine breeding and disseminate

Ø  To improve and quality of milk and milk products

Ø  To improve variety and quality of meat and meat products

Ø  To raise awareness among producers in the field and improve yield

Ø  To create database and registration systems

Ø  To improve energy efficiency in animal husbandry and solid waste management

Ø  To orientate academic studies to improve field improvement.

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